DPA 75 C oil breakdown voltage tester

The BAUR DPA 75 C oil breakdown voltage tester automatically tests the electrical breakdown strength of insulating liquids. Test sequences can be accomplished easily and fully automatically in compliance with all international and national standards. With reliable, informative test results it is possible to determine the exact condition of the insulating material and initiate any necessary measures, e.g. preparation of
transformer oil.
The high precision of the BAUR oil breakdown voltage testers is based on a tried and tested and very accurate test voltage measurement principle performed directly on the HV unit of the device, as well as the permanent monitoring of the voltage slew (RBM). The especially short switch-off time after a breakdown counteracts the
contamination of the oil sample, thus ensuring reliable reproducibility of the measurement results.
The DPA 75 C is designed especially for mobile use and for daily continuous operation in laboratories. The robust and sophisticated design guarantees safe and failure-free operation for several hundred thousands of oil sample measurements.

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Test voltages up to 75 kVrms
▪ Reliable, reproducible measurement results across multiple measurements thanks to short switch-off time < 10 µs
▪ Clear breakdown detection by means of very precise measurement principle performed directly in the HV unit and RBM technology
▪ Fully automatic test sequences for 18 common test standards around the globe and spot tests
▪ Easy creation of user-specific test sequences
▪ Built-in sensor for measuring the temperature of the insulating liquid
▪ Precise adjustment of standard electrode distances
▪ Automatic self-test with HV output voltage test each time you start
▪ EMC screen for preventing damage to electronic devices nearby
▪ Comprehensive safety concept, incl. high voltage shutdown through hood contacts
▪ User interface available in 13 languages
▪ Ergonomic operating unit with oil-proof membrane keypad, easy to read LC colour display and integrated printer
▪ Operation by:
– Mains voltage
– External power supply via 12 V connection especially for automobile battery
– Integrated rechargeable battery
▪ Automatic reading of measurement results and creation of measurement logs in PDF format or as text file with BAUR
oil tester data management software ITS Lite*
– Management of measurement results for multiple oil testers possible
– Customised layout of measurement logs

DPA 75 C oil breakdown voltage tester