ATG 6000 burn down transformer

The ATG 6000 burn down transformer is used for the impedance reduction of cable faults in low and medium-voltage networks. This converts high-resistive, difficult to locate and intermittent faults to low-resistive faults that are easy to locate with the Time Domain Reflectometry method.
The short-circuit proof 5750 VA stray field transformer delivers a maximum voltage of DC 15 kV and is contained in a fully enclosed 19″ housing. The output voltage can be changed over 8 levels that one can switch to even under load. This allows the output voltage to be adjusted to the respective cable faults. In addition, current and voltage can be limited independently of each other on each level by using potentiometers.
An external ohmmeter that can be connected to the ATG 6000 allows you to determine the fault resistance after a burn process and to evaluate whether additional burning is required.

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▪ Burning voltage up to DC 15 kV
▪ Output current up to 90 Arms
▪ Maximum input power 5750 VA
▪ Optimum adjustment of the output voltage over 8 voltage levels
▪ Voltage levels can be switched under full load
▪ Automatic switch-off on temperature rise
▪ Acoustic alarm on temperature rise
▪ Automatic discharge unit
▪ Switch-on interlock for high voltage
▪ Safety control unit according to DIN EN 50191
▪ Connection socket for external emergency stop unit with signal lamps
▪ Connection option for external ohmmeter
▪ As a stand-alone version or built-in module in BAUR cable fault location systems

Technical data

Power supply 200 – 260 V, 50/60 Hz
Option 100 – 130 V, 50/60 Hz
with external autotransformer
Max. power consumption 5750 VA (in short-circuit)
Output voltage DC Max. 15 kV
Output current AC 90 Arms
23 Arms
11 Arms
3.5 Arms
2.0 Arms
at AC 60 V
at AC 230 V
at AC 500 V
at AC 1500 V
at AC 2600 V
Output current DC 1.0 A
0.65 A
0.35 A
at DC 5000 V
at DC 8500 V
at DC 15000 V
Load capacity Max. 14 ?F
Internal discharging resistance 15 kOhm
Ambient temperature (operational) -20 -C to +55 -C
Storage temperature -30 -C to +70 -C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 519 x 656 x 400 mm
Weight Approx. 92 kg

ATG 6000 burn down transformer