protrac Pin-pointing system

The BAUR protrac® pin-pointing system is used for the precise pin-pointing of cable and cable sheath faults. Combining acoustic and electromagnetic fault pin-pointing with sheath fault location in one system, it is ideal for universal application.

  • Unique operating convenience thanks to wireless Bluetooth? connections
  • Precise 3D user guidance to the fault
  • Excellent acoustic quality and range
  • Saves time thanks to use of cable route data and the pre-located fault position from the BAUR Fault Location App

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▪ Acoustic and magnetic pin-pointing of cable faults
▪ Pin-pointing of cable sheath faults and faults due to earth contact using the step voltage method
Unique operating convenience
▪ All system components are connected with each other wirelessly via Bluetooth®.
▪ Distances of up to 40 m between the control unit and the acoustic ground probe are possible
▪ Power supply by rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries
▪ Can also be used without headphones thanks to the loudspeaker integrated into the control unit
Precise 3D user guidance
▪ Precise left/right guidance and fault direction display in the 3D view
▪ Real-time calculation and display of the fault distance incl. the previous measured values
Excellent acoustic quality and range
▪ Adaptive two-stage ambient noise suppression (ANS)
▪ Ambient noise inhibiting design of acoustic ground probe
▪ Clear distinction between the breakdown noise of the fault and the surge noises of the cable fault location system
Time saving thanks to BAUR
Fault Location App*
▪ Use of the cable route data from GIS databases in the BAUR cable fault location system as well as the precisely pre-located fault position in a map
▪ Direct availability and use of geographic information

protrac Pin-pointing system