Liona online PD spot tester

liona is a portable online PD spot tester for measuring and locating partial discharges in cables and switchgear during normal mains operation.
liona allows the testing of cable systems and electrical equipment for partial discharge activities online and without having to switch off, and generates trend analyses. Even a spot test (duration: 5-10 minutes) is capable of reliably assessing the current status of your system. This keeps you constantly informed of when it is necessary to intervene and further maintenance is required, e.g. comprehensive offline diagnostic measurements.
Using the DeCIFer? algorithm by IPEC Ltd, the core of the technology, the unit is able to clearly differentiate between noise signals and partial discharges. liona therefore provides meaningful results even in environments with high noise levels.
With the iPD transponder ? available as an optional extra ? it is even possible to precisely locate partial discharges and determine the cable length during operation.

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▪ Online PD spot testing (typical 5 to 10 minutes per cable):
Allows a large number of MV and HV plantitems to be tested for PD activities
▪ Online PD mapping:
Allows to identify the source of the PD along the cable with the iPD transponder during normal operation of the cable route
▪ Monitoring of PD activities during 24-hour commissioning test of MV and HV cables at normal operation voltage (according to IEC 60840)
▪ Periodically PD monitoring of critical cable routes (e.g. industrial plants) with fixed installed sensors where no direct access during normal operation is possible

▪ Measurement of partial discharges in MV and HV cables up to 4 km in length without interrupting mains operation
▪ Identifying and locating potential problems before faults occur
▪ Sensitive PD detection in high noise environments due the proven DeCIFer® algorithm
▪ 4 simultaneous measurement channels
▪ Automatic PD detection and analysis
▪ Accurate cable PD mapping for defect location
▪ Integrated cable length measurement in combination with the iPD transponder
▪ Easy reporting
▪ Integrated battery or mains operation
▪ Compact, lightweight device that is easy to transport

Liona online PD spot tester