SSG 500 surge voltage generator

The compact SSG 500 surge voltage generator is used to generate surge and DC voltage and can be used for the pre-location and pin-pointing of cable faults in buried power cables, in particular low voltage cables.
The SSG 500 surge voltage generator is arranged in a 19” housing. Maximum safety is achieved with the electrical safety control unit, the automatic discharge unit, the fully enclosed design and separate protective and operational earthing.
The device generates surge voltages of 4 / 8 / 16 kV or 3 / 6 / 12 kV. In surge mode, the charge of the HV capacitors can be discharged to the faulty cable manually or automatically, as required, at a rate of 10 or 20 surges/min. When the device is switched off, the HV output is automatically discharged

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▪ Generates surge and DC voltage
▪ Suitable for the following methods in combination with optional devices:
– TDR Time Domain Reflectometry(with IRG* time domain reflectometer)
– SIM/MIM secondary/multiple impulse method (with SA 32* SIM/MIM coupling unit and IRG* time domain reflectometer)
– ICM impulse current method(with inductive coupler SK 1D*)
– Acoustic pin-pointing (with BAUR UL 30* universal receiver and accessories set*)
– DC voltage testing up to 16 kV

▪ 6 selectable surge voltages up to 16 kV
▪ High output current up to DC 480 mA
▪ Automatic surge mode or manual triggering of voltage surges
▪ Rapid surge sequence up to 20 surges/min
▪ Surge energy up to 512 J (can be switched to 56 %)
▪ Electromagnetically actuated surge switch
▪ Voltmeter with 3 display ranges
▪ Safety control unit according to DIN EN 50191
▪ Integrated automatic discharge unit
▪ Overcurrent protection switch with thermal and magnetic triggering
▪ Connection option for external emergency off unit with signal lamps

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SSG 500 surge voltage generator