CL 20 cable locator

The CL 20 cable locator comprising a transmitter and a receiver is used to determine the exact location of cables and metal pipes. The ability to determine laying depths of up to 4.5 m and to measure signal currents at the touch of a button allows you to obtain reliable information on the position of the cable within the shortest time.
Various modes and functions make it easy to adapt the device to the respective conditions in the field, making it suitable for universal use. Owing to the high power achievable at a low frequency (815 Hz), the cable locator CL 20 is especially suitable for locating longer cable lines, multiple earthed electrical lines and telephone cables, as well as CATV systems.

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▪ Locates cable routes and metal pipes
▪ Digital display of laying depth of cables and metal pipes
▪ Measures the signal current in the cable
▪ Battery-operated transmitter for the galvanic or inductive feeding of cables and pipes
▪ 4 operating modes available in the receiver for various location conditions:
– Peak method
– Pinpoint peak method
– Null method
– Tracing with right/left indication
▪ Optical signal display and acoustic signal with variable frequency
▪ Display of absolute and relative signal strength
▪ Automatic adjustment of signal amplification
▪ Automatic adjustment of impedance at direct signal coupling
▪ 4 active search frequencies:
– 815 Hz
– 8 kHz
– 33 kHz
– 82 kHz
▪ 2 power levels per search frequency
▪ Passive 50/60 Hz location of live cables
▪ Locates with radio frequencies (RF) and cathode protection (CP)
▪ Simultaneous use of 2 search frequencies (815 Hz & 82 kHz)
▪ Ergonomic design
▪ Easy to use

CL 20 cable locator