CL 20 cable locator

The CL 20 cable locator comprising a transmitter and a receiver is used to determine the exact location of cables and metal pipes. The ability to determine laying depths of up to 4.5 m and to measure signal currents at the touch of a button allows you to obtain reliable information on the position of the cable within the shortest time.

  • Fast and exact location of position and laying depth of cables
  • Intuitive operation – no special measurement knowledge required
  • Lightweight and manageable

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  • Multiple frequencies crafted to individual locating requirements
  • Powerful 10 watt transmitter signal is reliable for direct connection, transmitter and coupled induction
  • Automatic impedance matching technology: maximizes your transmission range while minimizing power consumption
  • Operating modes for various location conditions:
    • Peak method
    • Pinpoint peak method
    • Null method
    • Simultaneous peak/null
    • Tracing with right/left indication
  • Optical signal display and audio indication
  • High-contrast LCD Interface with Backlight: guides the operator to the target location by providing all relevant data including continuous depth, current measurement, signal strength, and directional arrows.
  • Constant depth and current measurement: real time updates on line depth and signal condition
  • Passive frequencies for location of “live” utilities without the use of a transmitter
  • Locates with radio frequencies (RF) and cathode protection (CP)
  • Simultaneous use of 2 search frequencies (815 Hz & 82 kHz)
  • Pin-pointing core-to-earth faults and sheath-to-earth faults when used with the optional A-Frame Ground Return Probe (GRD)
  • Highly flexible thanks to Li-ion batteries
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
CL 20 cable locator