TG 20/50 audio frequency transmitter

The TG 20/50 is a portable, mains or battery-operated audio frequency transmitter. Together with the UL 30 universal receiver and the SP 30 search coil, the audio frequency transmitter is used for tracing, pin-pointing using the twist method and for determining the depth of cables and metal pipes.

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▪ Automatic or manual impedance adjustment
▪ Charging unit and rechargeable battery integrated; battery or mains operation
▪ Continuous or cyclical output
▪ Two output frequencies selectable
▪ Illuminated instrument with display of Iout and Iin, switchable
▪ Touch proof terminals
▪ Splashproof design
▪ High output power, therefore application of twist method possible
▪ Socket for loop antenna on side panel

Technical data

TG 20/50 audio frequency transmitter