Viola and Viola TD VLF tester and diagnostics device

The portable BAUR viola and viola TD devices are used

  • for testing medium-voltage cables and electrical equipment (generators, transformers and switchgear)
  • for cable sheath testing
  • for cable diagnostics (viola TD):
    -Dissipation factor measurement and Monitored Withstand Test with tan ?
    -Partial discharge measurement*
    -Full Monitored Withstand Test with tan ? and partial discharge measurement*

The VLF testing makes it possible to locate insulation faults in plastic- and paper-insulated mass-impregnated cables in the shortest of testing times without impairing the quality of the surrounding insulating material. The dissipation factor diagnostics with 0.1 Hz VLF truesinus? provides differentiated
information on the ageing condition of paper-insulated mass-impregnated and PE/XLPE cables. In the case of PE/XLPE cables, the dissipation factor measurement is capable of differentiating between new, slightly or severely ?water tree?-damaged cables. This makes it possible to prioritise the need to replace cables.
The Monitored Withstand Test with tan delta combines the cable testing and dissipation factor measurement, allowing an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the cable condition. In addition, there is minimum load on the cable due to the optimised test duration.

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viola and viola TD

  • Max. Test voltage 42.5 kVrms / 60 kVpeak
  • Voltage shapes: VLF truesinus?, VLF rectangular wave voltage and DC voltage
  • VLF truesinus? test technology enables loadindependent, reproducible sinusoidal high voltage
  • Cable testing according to: DIN VDE 0276-620/621 (CENELEC HD 620/621), IEEE 400-2012, IEEE 400.2-2013, IEC 60060-3
  • Cable sheath testing according to IEC 60502/ IEC 60229
  • Voltage withstand test on electrical equipment according to IEEE 433

viola TD

  • Dissipation factor testing of electrical equipment and medium-voltage cables up to 35 kV
  • Highly precise dissipation factor measurement with precision of 1 x 10-4
  • ┬áDetection of leakage currents using VSE box (option)
  • Better overview of the cable condition with Full Monitored Withstand Test in combination with the PD-TaD 60
  • Full MWT = VLF cable testing with parallel dissipation factor and partial discharge measurement
    See page 2 for available methods and combinations of methods
  • Fully automated and individually programmable diagnostic sequences incl. evaluation General Information
  • Data transfer via USB interface
  • Management of test and measurement data with PC software
  • Automatic discharge unit
  • Optionally expandable
  • viola: to a PD diagnostics system
  • viola TD: to a PD and full MWT diagnostics system
Viola and Viola TD VLF tester and diagnostics device