Universal receiver UL 30

The Universal Receiver UL 30 is used together with ground microphone BM 30 and surge voltage Generator (SSG / STG) for pin-pointing of cable faults. With in BM 30 incorporated velocity device, time difference between magnetic pulse and flashover noise can be measured and evaluated. The UL 30 displays the distance to fault and indicates if you reach the fault or stride away. This is particularly advantageous for cable faults which hardly can be located acoustically.
In combination with Audio Frequency Transmitter (TG) and Search Coil (SP 30) the UL 30 is used for
route tracing and depth evaluation of electric lines and cables. Sheath fault location can be performed using the available two earth probes according the step voltage method.

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Main Features UL 30:
 Integrated loudspeaker
 Water resistant design
 Large illuminated LCD display
 Light weight

Main Features BM 30:
 Highly improved shielding against environmental noises
 Complete elimination of destructive influences by digital filters (e.g. traffic and wind noises)
 Flat contacting surface for ideal acoustic signal take up
 Highest sensitivity for magnetic signal pick up

Technical data:

Universal receiver UL 30