Transcable 4000 S 32-3

System configuration:

  • EURODESK ergonomic desk system
  • SSG 1100 surge voltage generator
  • IRG 4000 computer-aided time domain reflectometer
  • SA 32 SIM-MIM coupling
  • SK 1 D inductive coupler
  • Semi-automatic control unit with phase and device selector switch, 32 kV
  • UL noise location receiver with BM ground microphone
  • 3-phase high voltage output 32 kV via coaxial high voltage jack, monitored with safety switch
  • Fully enclosed and thus safe to touch high voltage switching system
  • KTG M6 3-phase cable drum frame

Download Datasheet


The transcable 4000/S 32-3 cable test van is a 32 kV cable fault location system in 3-phase version. The system is controlled with the MGS semi-automatic control unit. The high voltage switch unit is maintenance-free and fully safe to touch.

Transcable 4000 S 32-3