Syscompact 2000 M pro portable cable fault location system

The portable BAUR Syscompact 2000 M pro cable fault location system is used for cable fault location and cable testing in low- and medium-voltage cables up to 65 km length.
The integrated surge voltage generator with two programmable surge voltage ranges and the IRG 2000 time domain reflectometer enable the reliable location of low-resistive, high-resistive and intermittent cable faults. The surge voltage generator has an automatic surge mode with a selectable surge sequence of up to 20 pulses/min. This means the cable fault location system can also be used for acoustic pin-pointing. Thanks to the simple menu navigation and integrated location methods, cable fault location with the Syscompact 2000 M pro is fast, simple and precise.
The Syscompact 2000 M pro is light, convenient and weather-resistant (splash water and dust protection) and thus ideal for mobile use in the field. The carry handle and the large wheels make it convenient to transport without a vehicle.

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▪ Pre-location methods:
– TDR Time Domain Reflectometry
Secondary/Multiple Impulse Method
– ICM Impulse Current Method
▪ Surge mode for acoustic pin-pointing
– Two voltage range: 8 and 16 kV
– Automatic surge mode or manual triggering
– Rapid surge sequence up to 20 pulses/min
– Surge energy up to 1,024 J
▪ DC voltage testing up to 16 kV

▪ Fault location on low- and medium-voltage cables up to 65 km in length
▪ Light, compact and transportable
▪ No special vehicle required for transportation
▪ Integrated memory for up to 100 measurements
▪ Overvoltage protection
▪ Operational earth monitoring
▪ Easy menu navigation in several languages
▪ Easy to use thanks to its ergonomic design

Technical data

Syscompact 2000 M pro portable cable fault location system