Syscompact 2000 cable fault location system

The compact cable fault location system, Syscompact 2000, is used for the pre-location and pin-pointing of faults on low- and medium-voltage cables.
The system can be equipped with different surge voltage generators SSG 1100, SSG 1500* or SSG 2100*. The surge voltage generators have an automatic surge mode, thereby also allowing the Syscompact 2000 to be used for acoustic pin-pointing. Thanks to the simple menu navigation and integrated location methods, cable fault location with the Syscompact 2000 is fast, simple and precise.
Thanks to its compact design, the Syscompact 2000 is easy to transport and is also suitable for installation in any small van with a payload of 300 to 500 kg.

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▪ Pre-location methods:
– TDR Time Domain Reflectometry
– SIM/MIM secondary/multiple impulse method
– DC-SIM/MIM Secondary/Multiple Impulse Method used in DC mode
– ICM impulse current method
▪ Surge mode for acoustic pin-pointing
– Three voltage range: 8, 16 and 32 kV
– Automatic surge mode and manual triggering
– Surge sequence up to 20 pulses/min (optionally up to 30 pulses/min with SSG 1500)
– Surge energy up to 1,100 J (optionally up to 2,530 J or 2,660 J)
▪ Step voltage method for the pin-pointing of cable sheath faults (with BAUR protrac® pin-pointing system*)
▪ DC voltage testing up to 32 kV

▪ Precise fault location methods for every type of fault and various cables
▪ Efficient cable fault pre-location methods
▪ Easy to operate
▪ Modular system, easily expandable for cable testing and diagnostics

Technical data

Syscompact 2000 cable fault location system