Surge voltage generator SSG 2100

Surge voltage generators enable accurate location of high resistance, low resistance and intermittent faults on high, medium and low voltage cables. Output voltage is continuously adjustable in the ranges 0 – 8 kV, 0 – 16 kV and 0 – 32 kV. Discharging of high voltage capacitors into the faulty cable can be made continuously or cyclically via surge switch. When the instrument is switched off, the connected cables and the internal surge capacitors are automatically discharged separately from each other.

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● high surge voltage up to 32 kV
● voltage is adjustable continuously
● 3 range kV-meter direct reading
● high surge energy in each voltage range
● automatic discharging device
● electromagnetically operated surge switch with heat resistant tungsten electrodes
● security control according to VDE 0104
● output socket for optional remote Emergency-Off unit with signal lamps
● 4 selectable operating programmes:
● single pulse
● low impulse frequency
● high impulse frequency
● DC output
● thermal overload protection
● control output for coupling of system SA 32 (SIM-MIM)

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Surge voltage generator SSG 2100