Ponovo T1000

Features :

  • Relay & CT Tester function
  • Multimeter Function
  • Easy to control
  • External PC control function (Optional)
  • Advanced high power
  • constant current source with pulse width modulation technology

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AC Current (I1)
Range 1000A/7000VA
Accuracy 0.5%
Load time 120s at 1000A
AC Voltage (U1)
Range 250V/750VA
Accuracy 0.5%
Load time continuous
DC Voltage (Udc)
Range 300V/750W
Accuracy 0.5%
Auxiliary DC supply 20-240V
Voltmeter 0-600V ac/dc
Ammeter 0-6A ac/dc
Binary input 2
Binary output 1
Dimension 260*330*500mm
Weight 30kg
Ponovo T1000