Ponovo – PW636i

PW636i (6*32A, 4*300V) is the computer aided relay testing equipment.One of the most significant features of the relay test set is its high power capacity for its current amplifiers.It is the ideal relay test solution for applications which require large current output.

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  • 6*32A, 4*300V
  • Aux DC (0-300V), DC measuring inputs
  • 8 binary inputs, 8 binary outputs
  • Adjustable threshold (0-400V) for binary inputs
  • In-built analog monitoring and recording function
  • Can be upgraded to support the test of IEC61850 complied relay

Main Specifications

Range 6 x 0~32A
Power(typical) 6x 450VA at 32A

3 x 800VA at 64A

Accuracy (typical) <0.05% rd+0.02% rg. at?0~32A
Range 4 x 0~300V
Power(typical) 4x 75VA at 300V

3 x 100VA at 300V

Accuracy (typical) <0.08% rd+0.02% rg. at?0~300V
Sine signal 1 ? 1000Hz
Transient signal dc ? 10.0kHz
Accuracy 0.3ppm
Phase angle
Range -360?~+360?
Accuracy (typical) 0.05?
Auxiliary DC supply 0~300V
Power 88W at 110V, 176W at 220V,

90W at 300V

Binary input
Number 8
Type 0-400Vdc threshold or potential free
Counter input
Number 4
Sample rate 20kHz
Binary output
Number 4
Type Relay
Number 4
Type Semiconductor
Low level output
Number 12
Accuracy (typical) 0.025%
DC measurement
Voltage measuring 0??10V
Current measuring 0…?20mA
IEC61850 GOOSE optional
Dimension 360*157*367mm
Weight 20kg
Ponovo – PW636i