Ponovo PCT 200i

PCT200i is specially designed for current transformer characteristic test. Compared with PCT200Li,PCT200i owns more test items and higher technical parameters.This CT analyzer can finish the measurement class CT and TYP class CT.The additional functions include ratio and angle differential tests (the measurement points in the GB standard),FS and inductance,steady-state parameters,peak error and transient parameters,etc.

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  • Test CT according to IEC60044-1/6
  • Can test all types of CT, including bushing and GIS type CT
  • One test can get all CT parameters
  • Fast test time for excitation test
    • 10kV knee point test: 50s
    • 1kV knee point test: 15s
  • Ratio check up to 30,000:1
  • Knee point check up to 30,000V
  • PT test functions are also in-built
  • Test results can be saved to flash disk
  • Optional Excel format report generation
  • Large color LCD display
  • Weight : 14kg

Main Specifications

Voltage output 0-120V
Current output 0~5Arms(15A peak)
Ratio check
Range 35,000:1 – 45,000:5
Accuracy 0.1%
Knee point check max. 45,000V
Burden measurement
Range 0.05-200 ohm
Accuracy ?0.1%?1m? Gur
Winding resistance test
Range 0.05-200 ohm
Accuracy ?0.1%?1m? Gur
Phase displacement check
Accuracy 3 min Typ
Resolution 0.1 min
Other test functions
Accuracy limiting factor Yes
Instrument security factor Yes
Remanence flux Yes
Secondary time constant Yes
Unsaturated inductance Yes
Saturated inductance Yes
Symmetrical short circuit factor Yes
Accuracy limiting voltage Yes
Transient dimensioning factor Yes
Peak instantaneous error Yes
Composite error Yes
Dimensioins 470?200?245mm (W?H?L)
Weight 14kg
Ponovo PCT 200i