Ponovo L336i

L336i is a portable protection relay test set.It is a great innovative breakthrough of PONOVO for its incomparable lightest solution (8.8kg) with 6 currents and 4 voltages.This Laptop size relay test set can test all types of modern multi-function relays.It is the first choice for relay test engineers who travel a lot.

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  • 6*15A, 4*300V
  • 8 binary inputs, 4 binary outputs
  • Adjustable threshold (0-400V) for binary inputs
  • Can be upgraded to support the test of IEC61850 complied relay
  • Weight : 8.8kg
  • Dimension : 256*110*395mm

Main Specifications

Range 6 x 0~15A
Power(typical) ?105VA at 15A

?210VA at 30A

Accuracy 1mA(<0.5A), 0.1%(0.5A~20A),??0.2%(20A~30A)
Range 4 x 0~300V
Power(typical) ?60VA at 150V
Accuracy 2mV(0.2V-2V), 0.1%(2V-150V)
Sine signal 1 ? 1000Hz
Accuracy 1mHz(20Hz-65Hz), 10mHz(65Hz-450Hz)
Phase angle
Range 0-359.9?
Accuracy (typical) 0.1?
Binary input
Number 8
Type 0-400Vdc threshold or potential free
Binary output 4
IEC61850 GOOSE optional
Dimension 256*110*395mm
Weight 8.8kg


Ponovo L336i