PHG 70 TD PD / PHG 80 TD PD VLF test and diagnostics system

The modular BAUR PHG test and diagnostics system is used for cable testing, dissipation factor measurement and partial discharge testing. The modular design allows the system configuration to be tailored exactly to your needs and extended as required at any time.
PHG 70 / PHG 80: Used for cable and cable sheath testing of electrical equipment and medium-voltage cables up to 50 kV. With the VLF truesinus? and VLF square wave voltage as well as the DC voltage, the PHG 70 and PHG 80 offer a stable and load-independent voltage source for a broad range of possible applications and various cable types.
PHG 70 TD / PHG 80 TD: Extend the range of functions of the PHG to include dissipation factor measurement. Dissipation factor diagnostics with VLF truesinus? at 0.1 Hz delivers reliable information on the ageing condition of plastic- and paper-insulated mass-impregnated cables, and makes it possible to differentiate between new, slightly or heavily aged cable systems.
PHG 70 TD PD / PHG 80 TD PD: Additionally offer partial discharge testing. Partial discharge testing allows a quick and reliable evaluation of partial discharge activity and the location of PD faults in a cable. Potential faults can thus be recognised early and further damage reduced.

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Cable testing:
PHG 70 / PHG 80
▪ VLF truesinus® up to 38 / 57 kVrms
▪ VLF square wave voltage up to 57 / 80 kV
▪ DC voltage up to ±70 / ±80 kV
▪ Cable testing according to IEC 60502, DIN VDE 0276-620/621 (CENELEC HD 620/621), IEC 60060-3, IEEE 400.2, IEEE 400-2012
▪ Cable sheath testing according to IEC 60229
▪ Testing of generators, transformers and switchgear
▪ Load-independent, reproducible sinusoidal high voltage by means of VLF truesinus® testing technology
▪ Programmable, fully automatic test sequences

Dissipation factor measurement:
PHG 70 TD / PHG 80 TD
▪ Dissipation factor testing of electrical equipment and medium-voltage cables up to 50 kV operating voltage
▪ Highly precise dissipation factor measurement with precision of 1 x 10-4
▪ Measurement results take leakage currents into consideration
▪ Adjustable threshold values for measurement evaluation and stop criteria
▪ Easy to understand numeric and graphic presentation of measurement results

Partial discharge testing:
▪ Partial discharge testing and calibration of the measurement setup according to IEC 60270
▪ Measurement of
– PD level
– PD inception and extinction voltages
– PD frequency
▪ Exact location of PD activities in cable insulation, joints and terminations
▪ PD phase resolving for classification of PD faults (option)

PHG 70 TD PD / PHG 80 TD PD VLF test and diagnostics system