PHG 70 portable / PHG 80 portable VLF test system

The BAUR PHG 70/80 portable VLF test systems are used for cable and cable sheath testing of medium-voltage cables of up to 50 kV and electrical equipment. The programmable high voltage generators offer 3 tried and tested voltage shapes:
VLF truesinus? and VLF square wave
BAUR VLF truesinus? digital technology enables the most reliable detection of damage and offers the comparability of measurement results by means of load-independent voltage generation with digital control. Unlike other voltage shapes, the voltage is exact, symmetrical and continuous. The cable length has no influence on the test level. Medium-voltage cables are tested with utmost care and in compliance
with the standards.
DC voltage
For DC voltage testing, e.g. for paper insulated mass-impregnated cables, the PHG 70/80 provides a stabilised DC voltage with positive and negative polarity of up to 80 kV. The PHG system satisfies the highest requirements with regard to safety, robustness, operational convenience and automation. Customised test sequences can be defined and saved via the self-explanatory menu control. High-voltage electrical
breakdowns are automatically recognised during the test. The system either switches off automatically or goes into burn mode after the breakdown according to how it is programmed.

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▪ VLF truesinus® up to 38 / 57 kVrms
▪ VLF square wave up to 57 / 80 kV
▪ DC voltage up to ±70 / ±80 kV
▪ Cable tests in compliance with IEC 60502, DIN VDE 0276‑620/621 (CENELEC HD 620/621), IEC 60060.3, IEEE 400.2, IEEE 400-2012
▪ Cable sheath testing in compliance with IEC 60229
▪ Testing of generators, transformers and switchgear

▪ High performance test generator (3 kW) with adjustable output voltage
▪ Compact, in a 19” housing
▪ Control via laptop
▪ VLF truesinus ® test technology enables load-independent, reproducible sinusoi‑dal high voltage
▪ Adjustable test frequency: 0.01 Hz – 1 Hz
▪ Individually programmable, fully automatic test sequences
▪ Greater flexibility via “Manual test” mode
▪ Automatic breakdown detection
▪ Burn mode or safe shutdown on breakdown
▪ Control of test generator with professional, self-explanatory software in 23 languages
▪ Cable database for management of cable data and structured, easy to search storage of logs
▪ Safety control unit in compliance with EN 50191
▪ Inverse voltage protection 50 Hz – 16 kV
▪ Variable connection options to cable stations of different models
▪ Standalone system or for installation in cable test vans
▪ Extendable to a partial discharge and dissipation factor diagnostics system

PHG 70 portable / PHG 80 portable VLF test system