PGK 70/2,5 HB AC/DC HV test set

The BAUR PGK 70/2,5 HB AC/DC HV test set is used to generate continuously adjustable test voltages:
– DC voltages with positive or negative polarity
– AC voltages at mains frequency
The test set consists of an operating unit and an HV unit. The operating unit contains all operating and display elements and allows the HV unit to be controlled from a safe distance. Depending upon the operating mode, a rectifier or resistance rod is used in the HV unit. The polarity of the test DC voltage can be reversed by rotating
the rectifier rod in the HV unit.
All devices in the PGK HB series are short-circuit proof and have a current-compensated voltage measuring function. A discharge and earth rod suitable for the device in question is supplied for the discharging of capacitive test objects in DC voltage mode.

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▪ On-site testing of paper-insulated
mass-impregnated cables according to:
– VDE DIN 0276-620/621 (CENELEC HD 620/621)
– IEEE 400-2012
– IEC 60060-3
▪ Voltage test on electrical equipment according to:
– IEEE 62.2
– IEEE 95
▪ Cable sheath testing according to:
– IEC 60502 / IEC 60229
– VDE DIN 0276-620/621
(CENELEC HD 620/621)

▪ Test voltages up to AC 55 kVrms or DC ±70 kV
▪ Oil-insulated maintenance-free high voltage transformer
▪ Continuously adjustable output voltage
▪ Safety control unit according to EN 50191
▪ Voltmeter with 2 measurement ranges
▪ Ammeter with 3 measurement ranges
▪ Thermal overcurrent switch-off
▪ Robust two-part structure

PGK 70/2,5 HB AC/DC HV test set