PGK 50 E / PGK 80 E DC HV tester

The portable PGK 50 E and PGK 80 E DC HV testers are used for DC voltage testing up to 50 kV or 80 kV of paper-insulated mass-impregnated cables and electrical equipment in the medium-voltage network.
Sensitive current measurement permits the detection of extremely small insulation currents, which are used to determine insulation resistances up to the tera-ohm range. An external curve tracer can be connected to the PGK 50 E/PGK 80 E to record the measured current in relation to time.
The integrated discharge unit operates automatically and independently of the device situation, even in the event of power failure. A clear switching noise can be heard. The discharging resistance is designed for a max. discharge energy of 8 000 J. Thanks to their small dimensions and the practical case with carrying handle and carrying strap, the PGK 50 E and PGK 80 E are optimal for use on site.

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▪ On-site testing of paper-insulated mass-impregnated cables according to:
– IEEE 400-2012
– IEC 60060-3
▪ Voltage test on electrical equipment according to:
– IEEE 62.2
– IEEE 95
▪ Cable sheath testing according to:
– IEC 60502 / IEC 60229
– VDE DIN 0276-620/621
(CENELEC HD 620/621)

▪ Negative test voltages:
– PGK 50 E: DC 0 – 50 kV
– PGK 80 E: DC 0 – 80 kV
▪ Integrated timer (1-30 min) with automatic switch-off of the high voltage and triggering of the discharge unit
▪ Continuously adjustable output voltage
▪ Safety control unit according to EN 50191
▪ Ammeter with 6 measurement ranges from 1 µA to 100 mA
▪ All connection elements and cables are in a robust case
▪ Short-circuit-proof design
▪ Connection for external emergency off unit, external door contact and signal lamps
▪ Connection for external curve tracer for recording the test current

PGK 50 E / PGK 80 E DC HV tester