Locator Set UL30

The system for line and cable fault location Locator Set is used particularly for accurate location of
underground cables and routes of metallic gas or water pipes. With different accessories this system
becomes a universal, indispensable device for electricity boards, industry and waterworks utilities.
In general the Locator Set can be applied for the following jobs:
• route tracing of cables and metallic gas and water pipes
• depth evaluation of cables and metallic pipes
• cable selection
• cable detection on live lines
• location of cable and line joints
• accurate location of cable faults according to the twist method
• accurate location of cable faults according to the acoustic method
• acoustic pin pointing combined with propagation time measurement (indication of fault distance, only with BM 30)

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The audio frequency system includes the following main components:
Audio frequency receiver: UL 30
Audio frequency transmitter: TG 20 / 50
with standard accessories
For description of the different audio frequency transmitters and receivers please see our respective data sheets.

Technical data UL 30:

Technical data TG 20/50

Locator Set UL30