KSG 200 and KSG 200 T cable identification system

The KSG 200 cable identification system is used to identify single- and multi-core cables in a cable bundle or cable loom.
By using the KSG 200, the risk of accidentally cutting a live phase is significantly reduced. This way, you will avoid the following in future:
– High level risk of endangering individuals by miscutting;
– Unnecessary repair costs;
– Supply failures for connected customers.
The cable identification system consists of a transmitter and a receiver with a flexcoupler. Intelligent electronics enable the communication between both components and make an absolutely safe cable identification possible through time and phase synchronising as well as automatic gain adjustment. The operator-friendly and intuitive operation of the KSG 200 allows for it to be used immediately without extensively training the operator. The cable identification system is supplied in a convenient and stable transport case.

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▪ Cable identification on de-energised cables
▪ Cable identification on live cables up to 400 V operating voltage*
▪ Suitable for
– Single- and multi-core cables
– Branched networks

▪ Automatic recording and analysis of transmitting pulses (ATP analysis):
– Amplitude
– Interval (time)
– Pulse direction (polarity)
▪ Error-free detection of the pulse direction, even et a high loop resistance of up to 400 Ohm
▪ High pulse current up to 180 A
▪ Fully automatic gain adjustment
▪ Expert mode for manual gain settings for clear cable identification on compact substations or mixed cable routes
▪ Signal uncoupling by means of a flexcoupler for large cable diameters of up to 250 mm
▪ Coupling of the transmitting pulse is effected in a galvanic or inductive manner by means of optionally available clip on current transformers
▪ Current measurement up to 199 A
▪ Essential for active occupational health and safety
▪ Reliable and robust protection technology
▪ Ergonomically designed receiver with integrated LCD display
▪ No batteries required for the receiver
▪ Transmitter with integrated rechargeable battery and possibility of external power supply (12 V port) optionally available

KSG 200 and KSG 200 T cable identification system