IRG 2000 time domain reflectometer

The IRG 2000 time domain reflectometer is used to pre-locate cable faults using time domain reflectometry and can be used on low-, medium- and high-voltage cables up to 65 km in length. An integrated voltage filter enables direct measurement on live cables up to 400 V.
Additional pre-location methods are available in combination with a surge voltage generator and various system couplings (e.g. in a BAUR Syscompact 2000). Parameters can be set for each measurement method via the user interface; the menu navigation supports the operator when carrying out the measurements. The traces are displayed and are easy to evaluate using the function keys. The LC colour display makes it possible to present up to three traces in different colours at the same time.
The IRG 2000 is light, convenient and weather-resistant (splash water and dust protection). The device can be operated with its built-in rechargeable battery or mains connection as required.

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▪ TDR Time Domain Reflectometry
▪ If used with add-on devices:
– SIM/MIM Secondary/Multiple Impulse Method
– ICM Impulse Current Method
– Decay method

▪ Fault location on cables up to 65 km in length
▪ Single-phase time domain reflectometer
▪ Fully automated measurement and display of the fault distance
▪ High measurement resolution thanks to the 200 MHz sampling rate
▪ Voltage-proof up to 400 V
▪ Simple, interactive menu navigation in several languages
▪ Integrated memory for up to 100 measurements
▪ Printer connection

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IRG 2000 time domain reflectometer