ETCR1860C Wrist Type Approach Electric Alarm

1. Function: Proximity warning and alarm

2. Alarm Voltage Range: AC 40V~1KV

3. Working Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

4. Electricity Testing Mode: Non-contact mode

5. Detection Mode: Automatic trigger

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ETCR1860C Wrist Type Approach Electric Alarm provide a safe, practical and convenient new type voltage alarm device for close-electric operator. During live electric working, the safe distance between operator and live body should not be closer than the requirement of relevant working regulations. After the operator wearing this alarm, when close to the high voltage charged body for a certain distance, according to the corresponding safe distance of voltage level, the alarm will make out the sound and light alarm to remind the electrical workers to pay attention to safety and avoid high voltage electric shock accidents.

ETCR1860C Wrist Type Approach Electric Alarm adopt non-contact induction technology, accurate alarm, power saving and durable, standby time up to 12 months. The alarm with unique automatic trigger detection function to ensure the safety of close-electric workers. The alarms are widely used in electric power, railway, industrial and mining enterprises and other close-electric working places

1.Voltage Level and Alarm Distance

Model Voltage Level Alarm Distance Alarm Distance Error
ETCR1860C 40V 5CM ±2cm
110V 10CM ±2cm
220V 15CM ±5cm
600V 40CM ±5cm
1KV 60CM ±5cm


2.Technical Parameter

Function Proximity warning and alarm
Power Supply CR1632(140mAH)button cell 1pcs
Alarm Voltage Range AC 40V~1KV
Working Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Electricity Testing Mode Non-contact mode
Detection Mode Automatic trigger
Alarm Distance Error ±10cm(under base condition)
Battery Life Continues working(sound and light alarm): about 24 hours
Standby: about 12 months
Alarm Mode Indicator:  LED light visiblity under 8000LX visible light
Buzzer: above 60dB(60CM apart)
Protection Level IP54
Weight 35g
Dimensions 90mmX40mmX35mm
Working Temperature -10oC~ 40oC;  below 80%rh
Store Temperature -10oC~ 60oC; below 70%rh

ETCR1860C Wrist Type Approach Electric Alarm