BAUR phase identification set

The paula phase identification set is used for clear phase identification in earthed and shorted medium- and high-voltage cables. The measurement procedure used by paula, whereby the shorting and earthing on the cable to be measured need not be removed, offers maximum safety for test personnel and complies with the safety requirements stated in EN 50110-1 (VDE 0105-1). EN 50110-1:2013 (VDE 0105-1:2014-02) specifies that all plant parts being worked on must be earthed and shorted at the work place. If shorting and earthing need to be removed for taking the measurement, other suitable safety measures must be applied. It is intuitively easy to use: The signal injectors that inductively feed the measuring signals with specific frequency into the cable are connected to the shorted and earthed phases at one cable end. These measuring signals can be detected and evaluated at the other cable end by the paula detector. On touching a phase with the measuring tip, the detector displays L1, L2 or L3.
The paula signal injectors are specially designed for use in compact switchgears and in narrow spaces (e.g. in SF6 gas-insulated switchgears).

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▪ Precise phase identification in both directions prior to sleeve assembly
▪ Phase determination possible at lower cable attenuation in cables up to 40 km and thus also suitable for undersea cables
▪ Effective measurement procedure that eliminates incorrect allocation
▪ Phase determination possible in branched cable networks
▪ Safe and easy connection
▪ Second person no longer required at other cable end for the phase determination
▪ Innovative design of signal injectors for comfortable and stable connection to the cable
▪ Compact signal injector design also allows connection in compact stations with little space
▪ Thanks to the efficient lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries, signal injectors are ready for operation in standby mode for up to 2 weeks
▪ Wireless charging of signal injector battery in the practical transport case with charging unit
▪ User-friendly and intuitive operation
▪ Information display on detector:
– Identified phase
– Results of last two measurements
– Signal injector battery status
▪ Automatic self-test of detector after turning it on

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BAUR phase identification set