Syscompact 4000 cable fault location system

The compact cable fault location system, Syscompact 4000, is used for the pre-location and pin-pointing of faults on low- and medium-voltage cables.
Thanks to the novel operational concept and the integrated location methods, cable faults can be located more rapidly and easily with Syscompact 4000. The high-performance industrial PC and improved measurement parameters allow for a precise cable fault location in all cable types.
The system can be equipped with different surge voltage generators SSG 1100, SSG 1500* or SSG 2100*. The surge voltage generators have an automatic surge mode, thereby also allowing the Syscompact 4000 to be used for acoustic pin-pointing.
Thanks to its compact design, the Syscompact 4000 is easy to transport and is also suitable for installation in any small van with a payload of 300 to 500 kg.

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▪Insulation resistance measurement up to 1,000 V*
▪TDR: time domain reflectometry
▪Envelope curve display for intermittent faults – even small changes in impedance are made visible and saved.
▪SIM/MIM: secondary/multiple impulse method with surge voltage or in DC mode NEW: 20 reflection measurements per HV pulse
▪ICM: impulse current method with surge voltage or in DC mode
▪Surge mode for acoustic pin-pointing up
▪DC voltage testing
▪Cable sheath testing


▪Easy operation thanks to intuitive operational concept
▪Integrated proven cable fault pre-location methods
▪Automatic detection of cable end and fault position
▪Dynamic input signal gain
▪Automatic saving of all measurement data
▪Storage for more than 100,000 measurements
▪Interface to GIS databases*
▪Precise fault location methods for every type of fault and various cables
▪Modular system, easily expandable for cable testing and diagnostics

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Syscompact 4000 cable fault location system