Syscompact 2000 portable cable fault location system

The portable cable fault location system, Syscompact 2000 portable, is used for the pre-location and pin-pointing of faults on low- and medium-voltage cables.
The Syscompact 2000 portable is excellently suited to mobile use without the need for permanent installation in a vehicle.
The system can be equipped with different surge voltage generators SSG 1100, SSG 1500* or SSG 2100*. The surge voltage generators have an automatic surge mode, thereby also allowing the Syscompact 2000 portable to be used for acoustic pin-pointing. Thanks to the simple menu navigation and integrated location methods, cable fault location with the Syscompact 2000 portable is fast, simple and precise.

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▪Pre-location methods:
–TDR time domain reflectometry
–SIM/MIM secondary/multiple impulse method
–DC-SIM/MIM secondary/multiple impulse method used in DC mode
–ICM impulse current method
▪Surge mode for acoustic pin-pointing
–Three voltage range: 8, 16 and 32 kV
–Automatic surge mode and manual triggering
–Surge sequence up to 20 pulses/min (optionally up to 30 pulses/min with SSG 1500)
–Surge energy up to 1 100 J (optionally up to 1 540 J or 2 050 J)
▪Step voltage method for the pin-pointing of cable sheath faults (with BAUR UL 30* universal receiver and accessories set*)
▪DC voltage testing up to 32 kV Features
▪Precise fault location methods for every type of fault and various cables
▪Compact design
▪No special vehicle required for transportation
▪Integrated memory for up to 100 measurements
▪Easy data transfer to PC
▪Easy menu navigation in several languages
▪Easy to use thanks to its ergonomic design

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Syscompact 2000 portable cable fault location system