STG 600 surge and test generator

The STG 600 surge and test generator is used for cable testing as well as for precise pin-pointing of faults of all types in low voltage cables.
The optional SIM/MIM coupling filter and the IRG 2000 time domain reflectometer make the most effective pre-location methods SIM/MIM (Secondary/multiple impulse method) and time domain reflectometer available. This allows the precise location of both high-resistive and low-resistive cable faults.
Thanks to the intuitive operation and operator-friendly menu navigation, cable fault location with the STG 600 is quick and easy.

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▪Cable testing with DC voltage
▪Acoustic pin-pointing
▪Step voltage method for pin-pointing cable sheath faults
▪Insulation resistance measurement*
▪SIM/MIM Secondary/multiple impulse method*


▪Output voltage in adjustable 0.1-kV steps
▪Automatic short-circuit and breakdown detection in test mode
▪Comprehensive safety concept in accordance with the latest standards
▪Two separate discharge units for cable and internal surge capacitor
▪Voltage-proof up to AC 400 V*
▪Simple operation and self-explanatory menu navigation in several languages
▪Switch between operation functions at the press of a button
▪Built-in cable compartment
▪Protective cover for the control panel

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STG 600 surge and test generator