EHV-PDM – EHV PD Monitor

EHV and Distributed Assets PD Monitoring System

The EHV-PDM is a PD monitoring system designed for application on critical EHV and distributed assets, where the monitoring point could be many hundreds of metres or tens of kilometres apart. Fibre linked monitoring points transmit PD data over long distances to the main monitoring unit, which then processes the data and displays the results on a secure customer web front end.

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Benefits of IPEC’s EHV PD Monitor

  • On-line PD Detection – The EHV-PDM uses PD sensors that couple to the HV network and equipment on-line and non-intrusively, as so no disconnection of the circuits is required.
  • Remotely Accessible – Using any of a wide range of communication protocols, the EHV-PDM automatically downloads data to a central database; from where it can be viewed on a powerful analysis website.
  • Long Distance Monitoring – The key design of the EHV-PDM system is to allow for cost effective remote monitoring of assets which are usually inaccessible. Examples include joints along an EHV cable or cables terminations in wind farm arrays.

Web Based Analysis

A client specific secure website is used for the review and analysis of individual asset conditions. This powerful tool allows users to drill down from a basic condition overview to highly detailed data, including sampled PD wave shapes when expert interpretation is required.

  • Sensitive PD detection in high noise environments
  • Local alarms and email alarms
  • Automated generation of Criticality league table
  • Supports HFCT, TEV, AE and UHF PD sensors
  • Trend Analysis and Reporting

Remote DAQ Unit (RDU)

Each RDU is mounted locally to the monitoring point. The system is linked to the previous and next RDU in the chain via a fibre optic. RDUs are connected to up to 4 transducers.

The RDU digitises the analogue signal received from the connected sensors before converting this into an optical signal. This is then transmitted down the fibre link and back to the EHV-PDM monitoring unit. Each RDU has a unique signature to ensure that signals received by the EHV-PDM are correctly recorded.

EHV-PDM – EHV PD Monitor