DTA IL oil breakdown voltage tester

The powerful BAUR oil breakdown voltage tester DTA IL is used for automatic inline testing of the electrical breakdown strength of insulating liquids in oil preparation systems.

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▪ High performance oil tester for breakdown tests of insulating oils during production processes (inline test)
▪ Suitable for portable and stationary oil preparation systems, specialised laboratories
▪ Test voltages of 0 to 100 kVrms
▪ Automatic insulating liquid temperature measurement
▪ Inline test according to 18 pre-programmed test standards (adapted for inline operation: without stirring of oil sample)
▪ 10 user-programmable test sequences
▪ Measurements without air inflow thanks to hermetically sealed test vessel
▪ User interface and measurement logs in 13 languages
▪ Reliable measurement results due to its short switch-off time (< 10 μs) ▪ Clear breakdown detection with RBM technology and a new measurement principle directly at the HV output ▪ Connection to external controls (e.g. PLC) possible ▪ Easy connection of oil inlet and outlet lines ▪ Precise setting of electrode gap

DTA IL oil breakdown voltage tester